I'm Jem* Pomak a multi-disciplined designer with just over 13 years experience working with high profile clients such as Twitter, Google, Channel 4, Shell, Coca-Cola and Diageo (including their brands: Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Guinness and Captain Morgan). I am a confident all rounder, but my main strength is that I can always be relied upon to come up with a strong concept. I would say I enjoy this part of the design process the most.

Although I love my mac and working in CC, I have a passion for traditional design craft and enjoy working with my hands as much as possible. I believe the best design is created ‘off screen’, whether that is sketching out ideas or hand illustrating final artwork. I make a point to draw every day as I believe building these skills are essential for facilitating creative thinking and sharing ideas.

In my pre-mortgage days, I played guitar and sang in various bands that seemed to implode just as we achieved any sort of success. I can still be found occasionally weeping over my redundant 1962 Fender Jaguar, practicing arpeggios and musing on what could have been.

I am equally comfortable producing pixel-perfect digital work or a good-old high quality print job. I have advanced Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator CC skills, with a good working knowledge
of CSS, HTML and Dreamweaver.

* My name is just Jem. Meeting people almost always brings up the same questions. I have been asked if my name is short for James, Jeremy, or weirdly Jemathon. I have also been called, Jim, Ken, Jeff, Jam (!?!) or Jif...